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Quality Selection

Its red – orange meat is highly appreciated by the demanding Japanese market and all consumers around the world, who value its firm texture and exquisite flavor. These are important characteristics for sushi and sashimi. Our salmon trout is a product that can go through a great range of recipes. It can be roasted, grilled, smoked or even cooked without any salt.

Besides, one of the qualities of our excellent product is its great concentration of antioxidants; due to the fact that it contains a great amount of pigments. The latter is reflected on its high average color, 31+ on the SALMOFAN scale. The result comes from a diet formula of adequate and rigorous feeding. The high pigment quantity (100 ppm of astaxanthin) allows our trouts color to become a unique product in the market.


Specially formulated for Caleta Bay, our food gets the best productive results.

  • Personalized pool feeding, in a manual and automatic way, to get better control and growth.
  • It is pigmented before getting into the sea and during 10 month breeding with 100 ppm during that period.
  • Solutions for environmental impact.
  • Skretting special formulas, worldwide leader in aquaculture nutrition.